Birth of the Dragon: Nothing Comes Easy

Where It All Began

What does it take to be great? There will be those who will say that it comes with genes. Some would argue that it comes with skill. Well, in this movie, we will be taught that if we are truly born to be someone big, then we have to fight like one. This means going through a lot of hardships to make our way through the top—are you up to take the challenge?

Birth of the Dragon is directed by George Nolfi as a martial arts film. It is written by Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen J. Rivele and the principal photography began in 2015 in Vancouver. The movie is actually picked for showing at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival and now, it is released this 2017 by Blumhouse Tilt and WWE Studios.

An Exhilarating Adventure

In the Birth of the Dragon, you would not be seeing any other action movie. This is actually based ona true story that revolves around the younger years of the legendary Bruce Lee as he was still training his skills. As he was honing his abilities, he took a leap by challenging the kung fu master Wong Jack Man in 1965. Will he claim victory?

The Characters

  • Philip Ng—he acts as Bruce Lee (martial arts student)
  • Xia Yu—played the role of Wong Jack Man (the Shaolin master)
  • Jin Xing—is Auntie Blossom (the crime boss)
  • Billy Magnussen—acted as Stevie Mckee (martial arts student)
  • Jingjing Qu—portrayed the role of Xiulan (the love interest of Mckee)
  • Simon Yin—acted as Winnie Wei

The hard work of the people who contributed to the making of the movie was rewarded with an award. Birth of the Dragon attained the Golden Angel Award during the 12th Chinese American Film Festival.